Monitor your sites

Website down time can mean lost revenue, customers, and opportunity. There is also a high likelihood that visitors not finding your site active, will not return at a later time.

How it works

have multiple servers which will check your site every minute of everyday to ensure that it is accessible and functioning properly. We check a multitude of functionality to make sure your server is performing properly.

System load, memory, hard drive space and which processes are running are just a few of the items we can monitor. Your site status is our priority. If your system goes down we will send you an email and an sms, if you want, to the person responsible for the system at the time it went down.

have detailed charts and alerts which you can check to make informed decisions about your servers. All this, without installing anything complicated, just upload a simple file to your site.

Tracking Problems On Your System

There are many causes of a slow or inaccessible website. Both internal and external.

We can help identify problem areas. Increased CPU use., vital processes not running, low memory issues, and even low hard drive space.

The information we gather and process can help improve the speed and functionality of your site. Which, ultimately equates to happier customers and better conversion rates.

Up Time

Your website is a living breathing business and you need people to visit your site in the same way a business needs customers walking in the door.

Site monitoring is like having a manager for your business, someone who makes sure that everything is working smoothly.

As issues come up your team will be notified immediately. This will allow your team to have the fastest possible response time to handle whatever is affecting your website.

This limits your downtime to the shortest amount of time possible, saving you money and customers.


Monitoring Performance

The data we collect from your site or will let you know how your site reacts at different times during the day, different days of the week and traffic fluctuations as well. You will be able to tell if your system is lagging due to memory issues, cpu overload, or even if your processes are running.

This information can greatly help you and your team optimize performance and handle issues before they become a problem.



We will notify you and your team via email and sms. We also provide a duty schedule where you can designate who is responsible for receiving the email and sms notifications, if you select that option.

The lead contact will also receive the notifications as well regardless of who is currently on duty.

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